What do I need to bring to the DAT Prep Course?

Each student should bring: 

  • pen, pencil, paper

  • knife handles, blades, rubber gloves

  • Please note: Lunch is NOT provided. Access to cafeterias and restaurants will vary with location. Students are encouraged to bring their own lunches.

What should I expect during the course?

Rock the DAT courses are two days long and include a mock DAT. During the first day, we will cover Reading Comprehension , Perceptual Ability and Manual Dexterity components of the DAT. We will provide sample questions to practice our tips and techniques.

The second day will be devoted to PAT and carving with advanced tips, techniques and more one-on-one instructions to fine tune your skills. Three pieces of DAT Exam-style carving soap will be provided free of charge during this weekend. You can preorder soaps from the CDA website if you feel that you will need more and we will be selling a limited amount as well depending on the location.

At the end of the second day, a mock DAT will be administered in the same format and time frame as the real DAT exam. This is followed by detailed scoring and feedback of the completed exam. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about the interview and admissions process.

Why do you focus on Manual Dexterity, Perceptual Ability and Reading Comprehension? Why do you not cover biology and chemistry? 

  1. The Manual Dexterity and Perceptual Ability components of the exam are the most difficult for many students. In addition to direct instruction, we provide hints, tips and tricks to maximize success in these areas.

  2. Most schools in Canada include Reading Comprehension and Perceptual Ability as part of their admission criteria, while The University of Alberta also includes Manual Dexterity.

  3. Introductory Biology and Chemistry courses are prerequisites for most Dental Schools in Canada. These components of the DAT cover the material taught in first year university courses and most students prefer to review this material on their own time. Some dental schools do not consider these components in their admission criteria, including the University of Alberta.

Why should I write the mock DAT?

The DAT can be a stressful and challenging experience. The mock DAT will simulate the DAT writing conditions and time constraints so that students can be at their best for the real thing. The mock DAT will also allow students to identify areas which need improvement before writing the CDA DAT.

Does the mock DAT cover the same material as the real thing?

Yes. The mock DAT will cover the same types of questions in the same format and time restrictions. Reading comprehension, perceptual ability and manual dexterity will all be examined and scored.

Will the mock DAT be graded?

Yes. The mock DAT will be graded, including the manual dexterity component. Each student will receive his or her results shortly after the day of the exam by email. The results will show the raw scores for each section.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us at teamrockthedat@gmail.com