Why Rock the DAT

Exclusive DAT Prep Material Discounts!

All students who sign up for RockTheDAT will receive a 15% discount on a DATCrusher membership! DATCrusher offers Canadian DAT Practice tests, PAT Generators, instructional carving videos, Statistics and Guides that can help you prepare for the Canadian DAT! 


**Note: 15% discount code for DATCrusher will be provided at  Rock The DAT sessions. Therefore, you will be unable to utilize the membership until you have attended the course!**

Why should I take a DAT Prep Course?

  1. Admission to dental school is highly competitive. A student must score high on the DAT to be considered for admission.

  2. The DAT is a national exam. Students are competing against the best and brightest from across the country for their DAT scores.

  3. The DAT exam sittings are during the school year and many students find it conflicts with mid-term examinations, making it difficult to properly prepare for.

  4. Completing the DAT Prep course and Mock DAT will give the student an opportunity to gauge the level of preparedness needed to succeed when writing the DAT in November or February.

Why should I choose ROCK THE DAT Comprehensive Prep Course?

Rock the DAT is a student centered DAT prep course designed to teach the skills necessary for success on the Canadian Dental Association's DAT. The program is built on years of experience and service. All of our instructors achieved high CDA DAT scores. We provide low student-instructor ratios and a price that is a fraction of other prep courses, without sacrificing quality.  

Instructors are all current dental students who can answer your questions about their application experiences, what dental school is like, and tips and tricks for achieving admittance to dental school!

Learn from the best!

The Class of 2022 had 12 people score 30 on the manual dexterity section of the DAT. Why not learn how to carve from those who have demonstrated excellence? 

Not to mention that 15 of the 27 polled students (55%) in the 2021 class took Rock the DAT prior to admission!

Class of 2022 DAT Statistics

RTD1-page-001 (1).jpg

Over HALF of the 2017 class (56%) took Rock the DAT before being admitted into dentistry. Students who took the course achieved higher scores on ALL DAT components, including an average manual score FOUR POINTS HIGHER than admitted students who didn't take the course!


Harmeet DDS 2015

Emily DDS 2014

Kevin DDS 2015